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Great quote from J.K.W. Lohe

January 23, 2008

Lord Jesus, the second and new Adam, clothe me with Yourself; so that I put away all evil desires and lusts, and crucify and slay in me the dominion of the flesh. Be unto me a strong garment against the icy coldness of this world so that I may be preserved and warmed by You. Without You, all things droop, decay and die; but in You we live safe, strong, and mighty. As now I cover my body with these garments, so, O Lord, cover and clothe me with Yourself; especially my soul. For You are the garment of my salvation and the cloak of my righteousness. And unto You be glory and honor and praise, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, world without end. Amen.
(J.K.W. Lohe, 1808-1872)

[from The Lord Will Answer, Concordia Publishing House, pg. 97]


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