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“…sanctified and kept me in the true faith…”

May 21, 2008

As I read this morning’s devotion in The Lord Will Answer, which is based on the third article of the Creed, I was struck by how the Means of Grace, Word & Sacrament, are so essential for daily living. I know this may be obvious, and it is something I’ve heard before, but I was reminded again of how the Means of Grace are our life-blood through which we receive Christ.

As it says in the “We believe” section, “The Gospel is the means by which the Holy Spirit offers us all the blessings of Christ and creates faith in us. The written and spoken Word of the Gospel and the Sacraments are the means of grace.” It seems to me that the Gospel is not something that gives us a better life or adds to our already good life, but it is the only way we continue to live at all. It is our food, the only food that will sustain us from day to day, and without it we will quickly shrivel up and die.

This is why we pray with Dr. Luther, Father, You have called me and permitted me to come into Your church. I confess and lament my unbelief and my thanklessness in not appreciating all these blessings. Grant me a true and firm faith that will continue until I shall arrive where all things last forever, which will be after the resurrection of the dead, in everlasting life. Amen.

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