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Quote from “Christology” by David Scaer

May 18, 2009

I just started reading “Christology” in the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series and thought I’d share a quote. While we will never fully understand the Mystery of the Incarnation in this life, Dr. Scaer sorts out what Scripture says and shows why it is important to say only that and go no further. This quote helps depict that Mystery:

“Confessional Lutheran Christology asserts that Jesus performs both divine and human actions at the same time. He knows all things, yet must learn and grow as any normal child. The world depends upon Him for its very existence, yet, as a babe in arms, Christ depended on the Virgin Mary for sustenence. According to His divine nature, Christ fills all things, yet, during the days of His earthly sojourn, He was confined to one place…This great mystery of the faith is masterfully expressed by Luther in his version of the fifth century hymn by Sedulius, “Now Praise We Christ, the Holy One”:

Upon a manger filled with hay
In poverty content He lay;
With milk was fed the Lord of all,
Who feeds the ravens when they call.

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