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The Incredible Love of our Heavenly Father

July 18, 2009

I have been given a wonderful gift and a glimpse of the Heavenly Father’s love for His children. My wife gave birth to our first child, Emily Alice, yesterday afternoon, but I was not prepared for just how wonderful that would be.

I always knew I’d love our baby. I was not prepared for just how strong that love would be. The moment I laid eyes on her I was hooked. I’m now in love with two wonderful women: Crissy and Emily. They are my world and I can’t figure out how I ever lived without both of them. Yes, Emily was born just a little over a day ago, but she has already completely changed my life.

It is hard to imagine, but the love God has for Emily is even greater than mine or Crissy’s. In fact, He loved her enough to send His own Son to redeem her from the curse of sin. And she will receive that gift when she is given faith in the waters of Holy Baptism. Because Christ lives eternally, Emily will also live eternally. God’s love for Emily is perfect, unlike my imperfect love for her, however well-intentioned. What a comfort it is to me as a father to know that she has a Heavenly Father who is taking care of her even now. Thanks be to God!

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