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Johann Gerhard on “The Fruit of the Lord’s Passion”

March 16, 2010

This is a quote from “Sacred Meditations” by Johann Gerhard.  Immediately preceding the quote is a list of all that Christ has suffered for us, such as “He died, that we might live; He suffered the pains of hell, that we might never experience them.”  And then, after the list of all that Christ has done for us, Gerhard writes this:

Despair not, then, O faithful soul!  Infinite Good hast thou offended by thy sins, but an infinite price has been paid for thy salvation.  Thou must be judged for thy sins; but the Son of God hath already been judged for the sins of the whole world, which He took upon Himself.  Thy sins must be punished, but God has already punished them in the person of His own Son.  Great are the wounds of thy sins, but precious is the balm of Christ’s blood.  Moses, in the law, pronounces a curse upon thee because thou hast not observed all things written in the book of the law, to do them; but Christ was made a curse for thee when writing was written against thee in the heavenly court; but that has been erased by the blood of Christ.

Thy passion, then, O holy and gracious Christ, is my last and only refuge!


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