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Lenten Hymn: My Song is Love Unknown

March 16, 2010

The suggested Hymn of the Day for this coming Sunday is “My Song is Love Unknown” (LSB 430).  This is a truly wonderful hymn that tells of Christ coming to suffer and die for you and for me.

Here are two versions of the hymn:


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  1. Good stuff. I really like the second one.

  2. The oboe and flute are really lovely. I am partial to the tune in LSB.

    Greg from Sound of Majesty plays this arrangement (tune from Edwin Childs by way of Morningstar Music).

    [audio src="" /]

    I like this one, too! I am thinking to try it out and see if the congregation catches on to this one a little quicker.

  3. Steve permalink

    I just ran across this. Just minutes ago I posted a link to this very hymn! It was in response to “favorite anthems.”

    As I mentioned in that post – “what better text speaks the heart of a Christian?” I’m not sure or recall where the LSB has this filed. CW has it filed under Lent – which…makes sense. But to me it seems to get lost there and not used enough. We should be singing this everday. It certainly reminds us just what that gift really means to us. And humbles us at the same time – reminding us it was truely grace – God’s undeserved love we received.

  4. It is in the Lent section of LSB as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at other times of the year. Too often we get stuck in the headings, when many hymns can go in many categories, and even different times in the church year.

    • Steve permalink

      Thanks Nathan…I couldn’t recall. So true on many hymns. Just like Jerusalem the Golden as well. Our’s is under “End Time.” That text of the promise of our eternal life with our Lord seems to make everything we have to deal with in our human life – seem much smaller! Reminds us to stop focusing on the now. The best is yet to come!

      Now maybe I can focus a little bit on why a pink quilt is coming up next to my name on these responses. Ick!….. LoL….

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