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A Visit to Lutheran Public Radio

August 3, 2010

As my family and I travel to visit relatives, we had the opportunity to stop by the studios of Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL. It took some time and directions from a very nice librarian from the local branch, but we did find it and had a great time.

I first noticed was how small it was. Now, I knew it was small, but it was even smaller than it looked in the pictures I’ve seen. No wasted space here Jeff and Craig were very welcoming and since we showed up right at the end of the first hour, Pastor Wilken was able to come out and say hi. (We took pictures that will go up on Facebook once I get them off our camera.). I got to go into his office/studio and see some great stuff, the greatest being the I Have Issues shirt with a mustache on it. Well, maybe the best was the Jesus action figure…

I was also impressed (and pleased) with how the LPR crew took seriously the need to be good stewards of the money they are given. The studio is not extravagant by any means and yet they are able to produce a high quality show daily. As a supporter of the show, I am very happy to say that my money is being well-spent and used on what is important: proclaiming Law and Gospel to the world, as well as being a “lay seminary” (as I’ve heard the show referred to) for people like me who did not go to seminary but want to learn theology. Issues, Etc has been invaluable to me in my theological education. In fact, I’ve learned more theology from the show than I learned while attending one of our Concordia Universities for my undergraduate degree. (No slight against Concordias, but I’d didn’t have seminary professors teaching me there, as I have on on Issues Etc.). But I digress…

It was great to see the source of all the great Lutheran goodness that is Issues, Etc. If you happen to in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. And if you do stop by they’ll give you an “I have Issues” shirt and the LPR bundle pack as a souvenir of your visit. Keep up the good work, guys!


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