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“The stone foundation of the heart and the Rock of Atonement”

August 18, 2010

This quote comes from a sermon preached in the third part of The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz. The stone foundation referred to is an image for original sin that is used earlier.

The stone foundation of the heart and the Rock of Atonement on Golgotha are the two mountains on which a man’s destiny is determined. If he remains on the stone foundation of his natural fallen state, he is lost. Only one way leads from that stony foundaion to the Rock of Atonement, a firm stone bridge built once and for all. It is the Word. Just as only the divine Word can convict man of sin and lay bare the soul to its rocky base, so nothing but the Word can reveal the truth about the Redeemer. The external Word is as inescapably necessary for the gospel as it is for the law. No one who is awakened in earnest would ever be able to believe in the forgiveness of his sins, if God had not built a bridge leading to the Rock of Atonement. The supports on which is rests are baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and absolution; the arches are wrought by the holy Word with its message of redemption. On that bridge a sinner can pass from the stony ground that condemns to the Rock of Salvation. But should a single one of the arches be allowed to fall, then is man condemned to remain eternally under the law’s condemnation, either as a despairing sinner or as a self-righteous Pharisee?

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  1. Irene Beethe permalink

    Good to read your thoughts again!

  2. Steven Goodrich permalink

    Man, I need to read that book again. That is such an excellent passage.

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