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Sasse on the Theology of the Cross

September 9, 2010

Image by veggiesosage via Flickr

Always it is from the cross that everything is understood, because hidden in the cross is the deepest essence of God’s revelation.  Because this is so, Luther’s theologia crucia (theology of the cross) wants to be more than just one of the many theological theories that have appeared in Christian history.  It stands against its opposite, the prevailing theology in Christendom, the theologia gloriae (theology of glory), as Luther calls it, and claims to be that right and Scriptural theology with which the church of Christ stands and falls.  Only of the preaching of this theology, Luther maintains, can it be said that it is the preaching of the Gospel.

~from We Confess Anthology, We Confess Jesus Christ – Herman Sasse (trans. Normal Nagel)

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