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Theology You Can Bring Home With You

September 29, 2010
The pew edition of Lutheran Service Book

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I am very excited because our Youth Group has decided they’d like to try out a Higher Things conference next year!  We will be going to the Higher Things “Coram Deo” Conference at Illinois State University at Normal, IL.

There are many great things about Higher Things, such as great catechesis and the chance to meet with other Lutheran Youth.  But I think one of the greatest parts will be the worship.  A Higher Things conference is all about worship, and it is all out of the Lutheran Service Book.  This means that when the youth leave the conference they can do the same services back at their home church.  This will give us the opportunity to introduce (or reintroduce) some of these other services here at Grace.  As it says on the Higher Things website, many youth miss having these worship services when they come back from the conference.  Well, we will probably not do 3-4 services a day, but we can certainly do the same services as at the conference.  There are definite benefits to using the hymnal, as opposed to coming with something new every week, consistency for one.  But, as our youth will discover, these youth from all across the country will be using the same services they d0, from the same hymnal.  I can’t wait!

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