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False Doctrine is Poison to the Soul

January 26, 2011

Walther has some very pointed words to say about false doctine on pg. 24-25 of Law & Gospel:

False doctrine is poison to the soul.  If people at a large banquet drink from wine glasses to which arsenic has been added, they can drink physical death from their wine glasses.  In the same way, an entire audience can be subject to spiritual and eternal death when they listen to a sermon to which the poison of false doctrine has been added…

Thus you can gather how foolish it is — in fact, how terribly deceived so many people obviously are — when they ridicule pure doctrine and say to us, “Enough already with your ‘Pure doctrine, pure doctrine’!  That can lead only to dead orthodoxy.  Focus on pure living instead.  That way you will plant the seeds of righteous Christianity.”  That would be like saying to a farmer, “Stop fretting about good seed!  Be concerned about good fruit instead.”

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  1. I’ve used this quote in many chapels and in many letters to area pastors and youth leaders. Great quote!

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