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The History of LCMS Hymnals

March 31, 2011

We sang “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word” (LSB 655) at Lenten Vespers last night and after the service, a member and I had a conversation about the original Luther text of stanza one, which (in  English translation) says, “Lord, keep us in Thy Word and work, restrain the murd’rous Pope and Turk…”  The English translation comes from The Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book.  My edition of this has a publication date of 1931, but I thought it was earlier, so I Googled it.

In doing so, I discovered a page on the LCMS website I had not seen before.  It is titled A Brief History of LCMS Hymnals and gave me the answer I wanted (the music edition of ELHB is from 1912, with the text-only version being published in 1889).  So go and check out the website, if you are so inclined.  Here it is again: A Brief History of LCMS Hymnals.

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