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The Plastic Toyland

June 22, 2011

In the course of  listening to yesterday’s Issues, Etc. interview with Pr. Cwirla on “Forgiven and Forgiving,” Pr. Wilken recommended Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness by Pr. Harold Senkbeil.  I read this in college and haven’t really picked it up since, until now.

In this quote, Pr. Senkbeil diagnoses our chief problem at this time and in this place:

Christians at the dawn of the 21st century are faced with plenty of alternatives to the real God of heaven and earth.  But I would suggest that the chief false god of our age is pleasure…

Sadly, the world goes on chasing after the wind as the clock winds down.  It is a world of glitz and glitter, but it’s just a toyland.  Ultimately, even people with the most toys must die.

I would certainly include myself in “the world” that Pr. Senkbeil is discussing.  The problem is not that I don’t know better than to chase all the vanities the world has to offer, because I do  know better.  My problem is that I am not able to put that knowledge into action.  This is all a symptom of my sinful condition, which, as either Pr. Wilken or Pr. Cwirla (I can’t remember which) said in the discussion, sin is “a sickness unto death.”

At this point, when all hope is lost, I am reminded to look to the cross of Christ and the forgiveness He won there for the entire world, which includes me.  This forgiveness was given to me in my Baptism and continues to be delivered through Word and Sacrament.  I am forgiven, and am now free to forgive my neighbor.  Thanks be to God!


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