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Kid’s Choir is Back!

September 12, 2011

6 years ago I started a children’s choir at the church I serve.  It did not last more than that first year, and while there was certainly some good that came of it, I was rather discouraged.  (I was very inexperienced,  and I am convinced now, looking back,  that I went about it all wrong.)  The next year we did not have as many children in the age range for the choir, so I did not have the choir the following year, or the next, and so on.  But this year, I resurrected the choir.  I’m certainly older, probably more experienced, and hopefully a little wiser and at least from the first rehearsal, it’s off to a better start.

My goals for the choir are two-fold: teach children the Faith through the Church’s song, and also encourage them to love singing and music.  This group is not like any choir I’ve ever been in, as it’s primary goal is not performance (whether in a concert or church).  They will sing in church, but I primarily want the kids to learn hymns, liturgy, & the catechism.  I’ve tried to set up the group as a service to aid the parents of the congregation in teaching the Faith to their children.  I will provide some tools, but most of the learning will take place at home, in the car, etc.  I only have them for an hour a week, which is not nearly enough time.

I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.  Our first rehearsal was tonight, and we learned and sang the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) from Divine Service 1 (in LSB), the first stanza and refrain of Thy Strong Word, the first stanza of an arrangement of I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb, & the First Commandment (using Cantor Phil Magness’s Sing the Faith).  They sang well and were very enthusiastic (sometimes overwhelmingly enthusiastic, but that comes with the territory and I just need to try to channel that energy into something productive).  The group is composed of children in First Grade through Eighth Grade, which certainly provides some challenges, but all-in-all, I had a great time, and I think the children did as well.  So, thanks be to God for a great first rehearsal, and I look forward to many more to come.


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  1. AmeJ permalink

    Way to go Nathan! Thank you for your patience, especially with my 3 enthusiastic boys.

    • It was quite fun. It seems like they’re enjoying themselves most of the time.

  2. Lance permalink

    Blessings on this new choir! I really like your approach!

  3. Laura permalink

    So glad to hear you are doing the children’s choir again! I have tried something similar at my own church though the idea of having them sing/listen to the music through the week is tremendous and could have made a big difference in my situation. Please continue reporting on your adventure! I am encouraged! For the singing at home are you using the St. Paul’s Children’s Choir CDs in addition to Phil Magness’s Catechism?

    • As of right now I do not have the St. Paul Children’s Choir CDs, although I’m quite familiar with them. I think I’ll order them next year to use. I am pulling the hymns from wherever I have there, so the Hymns for All Saints series from CPH, the 2 cds Hymns of the Faith and Hymns of the Church Year (also from CPH), and various other recordings I have. The liturgy recordings are from some promotional cds that came out with LSB.

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