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Organ Improvisation Resources

This is a list of books I’ve found useful on my continuing quest to become better at organ improvisation (here is a link to my posts dealing with Organ Improvisation):

Improvising: How to Master the Art – Gerre Hancock

Let the People Sing!: A Keyboardist’s Creative and Practical Guide to Engaging God’s People in Meaningful Song – David Cherwien

Making Music: Improvisation for Organists – Jan Overduin

Off the Page – Donald Rotermund

Hymn Improvisation – Michele Johns

Organ Improvisation for Beginners – Jan Bender

Mini-Course on Creative Hymn Playing – Jon Ferguson (includes a recorded lecture)

Organ Improvisation – Gerhard Krapf

  1. Hmm . . . this list matches the improvisation books I have in my library! These books will provide many years of practice, growth, and challenges. Thanks for compiling this resource.

    • Well, it’s no surprise that it matches yours, since you recommended many of them. I’m sure there are others, but as you say, this should hold me over for a while.

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